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Originally from Guinea-Bissau. I lived in different countries but am currently in London, UK.

World is Africa” is a collection of posts about contemporary Africa and Diaspora, especially the USA.

This is my modest way to pay homage to all wonderful women and men that have helped me to better understand this world and ultimately myself. I have divided the blog into Politics, Music, Movies and Books as they all play a crucial role in my life.

As you browse through, keep in mind that my knowledge is restricted and my ignorance unlimited!

Feel free to leave comments and if you have any questions, please get in touch.

Peace & Love,


53 thoughts on “About me

  1. Djibril, please follow me: darellphilip@wordpress.com

    I am following you and would like to congratulate you on a fantastic blog. Please do not stop writing.

    You can also follow me on Goodreads (Darell Philip) so we can share what we’re reading.

    Looking forward to hearing from you brother!


      1. Sorry. Here is my correct blog site brother:


        Please follow me as I follow you and post comments on what interests you there!

        Hope to hear from you soon brother!


  2. Hello Djibril! We met about two weeks ago in London. I loved your passion about Africa! Thank you for telling about this blog. I will keep in touch. Love,

  3. “my knowledge is restricted and my ignorance unlimited”

    lol Couldn’t have describe myself any better 🙂

    Thank you for passing through my page

  4. This is a brilliant page! Thank you for the follow. Africa is such a misunderstood continent in general, wherein many a time people are simply not educated about in general (both in her history and contemporary events). Too many a time, Africa is painted as barbaric, and somehow “lesser” than the more “industrialized” places of the globe despite Africa being the richest land on Earth.

    I greatly look forward to reading your work.

    Cheers mate,


  5. Glad you are liking my posts. Since you frequently focus on contemporary Africa, you might enjoy my posts from last summer when I spent three weeks in Ethiopia if you have not checked them out already–starts July 2014. I have been on a sort of mission to dispel the erroneous notions people have here in the US regarding Ethiopia.

    1. Thanks Juliana! Ethiopia is a beautiful country and with ancient and rich history! I am glad that you had the chance to experiment it at first hand. I will definitely check your posts. Have a good weekend.

  6. Djibril, thank you for following my blog!

    Initially, I scanned through yours but soon found myself completely captivated by it! Each post is filled with such deeply engaging, historical treasures. I look forward to reading more…

  7. Wow,how should I start lol…..totally love ur blog!!! itz the first of itz kind I’m seeing, m gonna follow u after writing this plus thanks for following my blog! ur the first guy to do that and I felt humbled when I saw d no of ur followers,was like….wow,he followed me upon dis number..don’t mind me oh,had to blab,thanks

  8. Thank you for “liking” my blog post on The Moral Universe. I am looking forward to reading your blog. All of the titles sound right up my alley. You say that your knowledge is limited and your ignorance unlimited; well, so for us all until we take that step out and connect with people we can learn from! Blessings from Massachusetts, USA.

  9. Great site you have here! Keep up the Great work! I’m now following and will be checking out more of the site.

  10. I created a post today using one of the videos of Michelle Alexander. I was so impressed by her. I wish I could do more and could a greater impact. I feel as this is a cause I am meant to be part of. Hopefully my writing and the book I’m working on will impact lives. My faith is Nichiren Buddhism learning how everything is interconnected and how the world is connected. I’ve made such wonderful connections all over the world that just a few decades ago would have never been possible.

  11. Djibril,I’m lost for words,I don’t know whether it is joy or excitement! But I’m personally thrilled above my imagination to see your blog.I saw you liked my blog so I decided to follow just upon seeing your image and the atmosphere it commands. I visited your blog,I discovered the totality of the African experience in your articles, books and many more. I live a happy man today at least to have known that with people like you,the dreams and hopes of the African people will still soar above the skies like eagles. At least to have known that people like you still keep hope alive in the souls of people from the grassroots. Please do visit my blog again and I wish to have a personal relationship with you. You have really inspired me!!!

  12. i love this blog and everything it is about! The depth of the title in and of itself, “World is Africa” is as wholly encompassing as the book, “The World and Africa” by W.E.B. Dubois. The reigning energies of Spirit and truth that vibe throughout every article you post, are as necessary for this world today, as the air we breath. There’s so much more to it of course, but I won’t write my manifesto here. Instead, I offer a gesture of appreciation and recognition of the art you bless us with on this blog. I nominate you for The Real Neat Blog Award. Though, I see you’ve been nominated once before, I also know anything as great as this, deserves to be reminded as much as owed. If you choose to accept, you can check out the deets at http://wp.me/p3Zjs6-Pw. Peace & Blessings always!

  13. hey you followed my old blog, thelastmuse.com

    i’ve switched to his new one. will be doing a column, and a film review every week. will also post fiction and poetry once a month. hopefully you’ll check me out and see my growth as a writer.



  14. Hi,
    Thank you for the visit and that post on food from Kenya was most definitely fabulous. I may not agree with you on everything you posted about Politics but appreciate your thoughts. I feel, however tainted corrupt or used by our US politicians as footballs it seems depending upon who is in charge on our local or federal level is where change, good bad or ugly is made. I may sound naïve or as naïve as it may sound change, sometimes(positive change) happens when folks(Voters) get tired sick or wronged once too many times … look forward to reading more and listening to some music

  15. What an amazing work you are doing! I enjoy your posts and will love to meet you one day!
    Thank you so much!

  16. Hey! Nice to meet you (online). I love your blog! Very inspired. I am currently reading The Stranger…latest English translation, I speak French as well, and I’d love to hear your interpretation of the history behind each translation and the literature/voice each language imparts. BUT I’m rusty, so maybe that’s something we could both figure out! More importantly, I’d love to know what inspired you to create this blog? I didn’t see that on here, and I think that this blog is clearly inspired, so just wondering! Keep up your great work, and thank you for following me as well!

  17. Peace and blessings to you, my friend!! I am excited to explore the world through your lens, and thank you for bringing me the opportunity! May you always find love, joy and understanding in everything you do! <3!

  18. Genuinely liked your piece on Cesaria Evora. Just returned from Cape Verde where she is known as the barefoot diva. I think of her as the mistress of morna. Bought a two volume CD, “The Essential Cesaria Evora” the other day and listen to it often. One song, “Soldade” is so representative of the history for women on the islands.

    1. Really glad you also enjoyed Cape Verde. It’s a beautiful place and dear to my heart. You are spot on about “Soldade”, there are no English words to translate this expression yet, once you understand it, the history of this amazing country becomes clearer .

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